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Thank you for visiting &  Welcome to my little corner of the crafting world!

We believe everyone can create something brilliant, and we’re here to help you have fun making something special at our craft Workshops. In business since 2001, we are based in Salt Lake, Kolkata and offer a fully mobile   service with a range of Art & Craft activities.

What we do:

We help people of all ages experience the immense satisfaction of doing something creative, making something lasting to take home and treasure, and taking with them a skill that can help to re-create the same magic again and again !!

Creative expression is greatly underappreciated at the moment, due to the immense pressures of life. Craft Factory gives you a channel to express yourself - so,come along and make things that will hopefully either bring joy to someone else also, or be useful in some way.

So, if you want to know an experience :

  • Where nothing is right or wrong and you want to know an art where you can be truly unique
  • That will help you relax and take your mind away from other things of the day!
  • Where you let yourself go and disappear into a world of your own, where Time stops until what you have set yourself to do, is complete.

Come, join us for the workshops that interest  you, and I hope I can inspire you to come back and visit from time to time!

Look around ... to see the endless possibilities in Creative Hobby Crafting ...





Are you one of the exquisite few, who find candles more than just as a source of light? Do you believe that a burning candle takes you away to a different world of your own? Do you lose yourself when the aroma of the jasmine, rose, lavender or lemon tingles your  senses? Do you prize a candle?


If you connect to the questions above, then you must have a look at our ranges of exotic candles. You name it, we have it!


Long gone are the days when one would merely associate a soap with hygienic needs. As of today, if you're looking for a soap, it has to have a combination of appropriate mildness, soothing colour, proper texture, mystifying essence and last, but certainly not the least, befitting looks to charm your senses.

Learn about it all, with us ... making your own soaps.


Looking for the apt way to propose to your special one? The birthday card you need is proving hard to find? An anniversary of someone where you want them to feel special? Or an uber cool gift tag to go along with the gift?

Find the answers, you're just at the right place. Happy quilling !


Originally conceived to act as a replacement for bread, this "confectioner's delight" has traversed a long way and has transformed into royalty desserts and much beyond.

From basic bakes, to creative skills ... cakes, cookies, brownies, pies, breads ...

Come experience this fantastic world and let us assure you that you are in for a ride!






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