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The Candle Making Workshop

 Basic Level - Workshop Plan

Module 1:

*Introduction to Candle Crafting

*Types and Usage of Waxes, Additives, Wicks,Moulds,Fragrances

*Safety Guidelines


Module 2 : Projects: 7 types of candles

* Basic Pillar Candle

* Moulded Floating Candles

*Scented Votives

*Basic Gel Candle

* T - lights

 The following will be provided in the workshop:

Candle making handbook, all raw materials, & candle making worksheet.

 Participants will take home  the varieties of candles made during the workshop.


Discounts for groups of more than 5 registering together.


Advanced Level - Workshop Plan

Module 1 :

* Special Techniques

* Tips on Candle making

* Trouble Shooting

* Packaging candles

Module 2 : Advanced Candle projects:

* Handmade floating candles

* Pour & Light candles

* Gel candle with embeds

* Chunk Candles

* Stacked Candles

* Beer /Soda Candles

* Cup cake candles

All raw materials and candle booklets will be provided in the workshop. Participants take home the candles they make


Discounts for groups of more than 5 registering together.